Our Story

A simple statistic; a number; a thought that changed everything.

November 11, 2011 started like any other Thursday. My best friend, Christie, and I were together, doing homework, when we came across the number that would launch us into this great adventure.

“Approximately every two seconds, someone in the world dies of malnutrition.”

Two seconds. The time that passes in a breath or a fleeting thought. This fraction of time suddenly swelled with incredible significance. We asked ourselves what we could possibly do to reverse this shocking reality. We were two college girls, juggling heavy course loads and mounting school debts, but we were possessed with the thought that something had to be done.

We did our research. Many organizations were committed to feeding the hungry, but the closer we looked, the more disillusioned we became with the proportion of funds these groups appropriated to administrative costs.

There must be a better way.

We wondered if it was possible to run an organization in which 100% of unspecified donations go directly to those in need. It was a radical goal, one that would require an innovative approach to non-profit development, and a network of people who share our vision to see an end to hunger’s mass casualties.

Where do we start?

The decision to focus our efforts on the nation of Zimbabwe was an obvious one. As the world’s second poorest country, Zimbabwe is plagued by widespread malnutrition and high numbers of hunger-related deaths. Political corruption and racial tensions within Zimbabwe make it an unfavorable candidate for foreign aid.

In March of 2012, Christie and I set out for Africa, determined to see the devastation of Zimbabwe’s poverty firsthand. For days we traveled the country, listening to the stories of it’s men, women and children. Hunger was particularly rampant among Zimbabwean children. We remembered that shocking statistic that had started us on this journey.

“Approximately every two seconds, someone in the world dies of malnutrition.”

It was during this first trip to Zimbabwe that the development strategy of 2 Seconds or Less was realized. It was clear that in order for our efforts to be successful, we had to focus in three areas: education, empowerment and sustainability of the next generation. Nutrition gardens became the primary tool of our development strategy; they had to be two things: local and sustainable. Not only do nutrition gardens provide fresh and affordable food for Zimbabweans, but they also generate jobs, education and industry.

In a short amount of time, we’ve made great impact in Zimbabwe. The same force that compelled us to begin this journey has been the same one that keeps us dreaming about what’s to come in Zimbabwe and beyond.

You’re a part of the story…

As our story continues to unfold, many have joined in with us sharing the same vision that we have: To see the end of childhood malnutrition.

Plant a seed… save a life!  Thank you!

Kelsey Hare

Kelsey Hare is the Director of Cultural Development for 2 Seconds or Less.

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