Why Zimbabwe?
Zimbabwe is currently rated as the second poorest country in the world. However, Zimbabwe is difficult to reach with foreign aid, due to its elevated political and racial tensions. We work in Zimbabwe because we can work where few others are able to.
We picked Zimbabwe because it is one nation in need, and we are passionate about sustainable, intentional change; because we believe that to invest deeply is greater than to invest widely. Until Zimbabwe is free from the crippling effects of malnutrition, we will continue to fight for its end.
Where We Work
At 2 Seconds Or Less, we consider our mission to be 50/50. Fifty percent to empower the people of Zimbabwe to rise above the cycle of poverty, and fifty percent to empower the youth of our nation to rise above indifference, to stand up and do something beyond themselves to better the world. Sometimes one decision, one passion, or one crazy idea is all that it takes.
The youth of the world are its future leaders.
What better way to change the world than to empower the next generation: its future leaders? 2 Seconds Or Less exists to provide empowerment rather than dependency. We run on the inspiration that little people can do big things and exemplify it by every action of radical faith.
We believe sustainable solutions are the only solutions.
Why would we feed Zimbabwe for a day, when we could feed Zimbabwe for life? 2 Seconds Or Less fights for the hope of sustainable change. This means that everything we do is locally sourced, easily replicated, and self-sustaining.
Education ends the global poverty cycle.
Why would we simply hand a child a single vegetable, when instead, we could teach them all to grow them? 2 Seconds Or Less doesn’t just plant nutrition gardens in Zimbabwe. We plant nutrition gardens alongside students and community members to educate and promote exponential change throughout the nation of Zimbabwe.
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Interested in joining our team?

We’re looking for people with passion for making a difference with global impact.

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