Frequently asked questions


Is 2SOL tied to any particular church or denomination?

How does 2SOL preach the gospel?

What is the history of 2SOL?

What does 2SOL itself do?

What are your diversity/inclusion policies?

Why focus on women in your new initiative?

What are your greatest challenges as an organization?

Are you a non-profit or do you make a profit as an organization?

Do you have staff members and if so, what are their roles?


How can I give to 2SOL?

Is my donation tax deductible?

How is your money spent? How do you ensure financial accountability across countries?

How much of my contribution goes directly to programs cost?

How is 2SOL funded?

Do you have any giving events?


What is the role of your Zimbabwe based employees?

Why did you choose Zimbabwe?

Do you have plans for expansion?

Social Justice Residency

What are your safety protocols?

What about travel insurance?

What pre-trip training is required?

Shots are scary. Do the students need to get shots to travel?

Why is this called a Social Justice Residency program?