Harvesting manna

The Idea

The majority of primary schools in Zimbabwe require students to participate in a Bible class. We wanted to support teachers in making those lessons feel more applicable and engaging through experiential learning, thus the creation of Harvesting Manna.

Our Response

Harvesting Manna is a biblically based 4-week program designed to educate and equip communities for ongoing sustainability long after we have completed our work. Harvesting Manna operates under four principles.

1. Implementation

We implement large scale nutrition gardens for use of school staff and students for reducing childhood malnutrition and empowering the youth of Africa. Nutrition Gardens are created alongside the students at each school to provide experience and knowledge in the planning, implementation, and care of a sustainable nutrient-dense cropping system.

2. Hands-On

We provide hands-on education of sustainable agricultural principles and the enlightenment to the opportunity farming has for reducing poverty worldwide.

3. Holistic

We give participants tactical knowledge and skills for using garden crops for complete and holistic nutrition to prevent and/or reverse the debilitating effects of malnutrition. 

4. Biblical

Harvesting Manna is taught from a biblical perspective in order to share the gospel with students through a hands-on example of God’s gift to us: creation. ‘Manna’ is considered food that falls from heaven. All lessons are taught from the perspective that our God desires for us to care for the land and in return enjoy the brilliance of what it has to offer us. 

Recent Improvements to Our Response

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